January 2020

How to Make Chip-Tune Music

You’re making your game, testing it as you add new features. Man, it’s pretty fun. But something’s missing, it’s too quiet. You need some music. Sure you could go and download some music available online for free, but that’s not gamedev, that’s using other people’s work. So, let’s make our own music.

5 Games for Hobby Developers to Make

When first learning to make games, I think it pays to begin by re-creating some of the classics. Think about it, a lot of those old games were made by one person, on a very small team that didn’t have access to the tools you have now.

Graphically shows the difference between choice and combine

Choice vs Combine

I do not remember where I read or heard about this idea, but it made thinking up skill and ability mechanics for an RPG really interesting. Basically you give a player either “choice” or “combine”.

Scene showing digital noise

GLSL Digital Noise

Want to add random digital noise to your rendering in GLSL. The following fragment shader will add random noise that changes over time. Full disclosure, I know I started this code from someone’s existing code, but I cannot determine where it’s originally from.