I’d been trying to make a game for many years. At different times I had accomplished some pretty incredible things for a solo, hobbiest game developer. But I never finished a game. Well, except pong.

I was always setting out to make a game far too ambitious for what I could achieve. And I blame this one a few things:

I can’t do much about the first point, except learn from my many mistakes. But the second one I think I can do something about.

“Indie” dev used to mean people, working completely independently, making games. Then it started to mean small teams, two or three people. Next it meant small teams with a Kickstarter. Then it meant small teams who had funding and were looking for a publisher.

The end result is that you can’t really talk about Indie Game Dev from the perspective of the lone developing making a stupid little game. I hope give this back to the community, because when it used to exist, it was super helpful for me when I was starting out.

The website also branches out into lots of different topics which are applicable to people at all levels of Game Development. Basically, if I’ve found it useful for my projects, I’ll post about it here.