Indie Game Development Resources

I have utilized all of the below resources in order to develop games and game engines. I have only ever done this as a solo hobby game developer, so these resources may not be useful if you’re in the industry.

I will add to this list as I remember or find more interesting and helpful things.

I’ve separated these into the general areas that they cover.


Software & Tools

  • CodeBlocks – This is my preferred IDE, but you can use anything you want.
  • MSYS2 – Makes getting libraries that you need very quick and easy. Chews up a lot of hard-drive space, but is manageable.
  • Renderdoc – If you are writing your own rendering code, you need this software. I couldn’t have made a game without it.
  • Dr. Memory – This will give you reporting on exactly where you’re screwing up your memory management. Required if you’re coding in C++.
  • BoUML – Of all the free UML visualisation software applications available, this is my favourite. I use it to generate the UML diagrams in this site.
  • Doxygen – I document my code pretty religiously because I will likely be using the code in a years time and I won’t remember a thing. Doxygen generates great reference docs for your own code.
  • Ardour – Simply the best open source DAW that you will find.
  • Dia – All the diagrams on this website are drawn with this.
  • MuseScore – I can’t think of a better way to write your music




  • The Dragon Book – If you’re going to write your own scripting language, you need this book. Nothing comes close. For my first game that I never completed, I did manage to make an entire C-like scripting language because of this book.


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