Gaining Work Experience and Creating Games

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Gaining Work Experience and Creating Games

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My name is Will and I am a 3D Art Generalist and Unity Developer living in London. I have worked on game production mainly as a solo developer for many years on the side of my regular job.

I‘m sure I am not alone when it comes to not having experience in the industry and now with the added pressure of the pandemic and most staff being home-based, its appearing even more unlikely companies are willing to trust and take on new junior people.

I would like to get together a team of artists and developers to work together, build skills and use our experience to create a game. This could also include UI designers, story writers and so on.

I am open to all areas from people and ideas. If you would love an opportunity to build some experience or just have fun and see what ideas we can come up with, please get in touch with what you do and what you wish to accomplish from joining a new team.

Feel free to have a look at my Instagram

Or portfolio

Contact me at

I wish everyone the best,

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