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Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:42 am
by Deckhead
This forum is a sort of experiment. I have heard recently from a few different people directly, and a few different people indirectly, that there's something missing in all the current GameDev forums:
  • GameDev.net is just ugly and a mess, with weirdly low activity
  • TigSource has a lack of community, only a few people are actively talking about games, with a lot of people only posting adverts
  • /r/GameDev doesn't have any discussion on GameDev
  • IndieDB is dead (not as dead as here though)
  • Yoyo Games is only for GameMaker
  • StackExchange GameDev is not a community
  • Various Discord servers have power-hungry admins and you miss out on discussions
And so, I'm hoping to create a community here of developers who are interested and actively:
  • Posting updates to their projects and answering questions that come up, spinning off into discussions
  • Actively participating in these discussions and talking to other developers on their projects
I really want to foster a motivating community, that's my goal. As such I will be an active community member and as the sole administrator and moderator, I can make any changes needed as soon as they're needed. If you have ideas or suggestions, I can pretty much implement them whenever.

Assuming this place works out, I'll pretty up the forum a bit. If it doesn't pan out, I'll just close it down. So go ahead and post, ask questions, start discussions and spread the word.