Made my game freely available for Mac

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Made my game freely available for Mac

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Hello, I posted on here a long time ago.

I put it on itch for Mac only because my goal was to get it on iPad. I did not reach that goal yet but because its tested on a Mac, its ready for Mac.

I know most people don't have Macs and thats ok.

When I first put it up there, I downloaded it and the version I put up crashed constantly. So, putting it out there and downloading is a test in itself. I fixed it btw.

I made a lot of changes since I last posted.

The project is called "Eighth Day Advent."

The first game is "Franks and Goths," a troll game. It is intended you think its about ~5th century barbarians but when you open it up, you play as Frank Lee, leader of the Franks and are fighting an army of Goth music fans and trying to save Canada.

It is a "Battle Royale" strategy game. The map shrinks over time so each play through is like 15 minutes. Its a random map so the goal is to see how many Canadians you can save.

The reason for the separation between project and game is the project can create many scenarios/mods. I redesigned the core to be a toolset that can be used to create scenarios. This allows for more innovation and more risk taking in design.

The second game is under construction, "People's Conquest." It is set in the 1950s era and is a combat oriented TBS.

The long run goal is to get multiplayer working and get it on iOS. I think People's Conquest would be a successful multiplayer game.
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