Game Developers Needed to Create Fun Educational Games!

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Game Developers Needed to Create Fun Educational Games!

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Hi everyone! My name is Adrián and I represent Legends of Learning

Through an innovative marketplace of educational games, we teach math and science to nearly 10 million students in over 30,000 schools (and growing fast). We are looking to work with passionate game developers interested in revenue share to build FUN games that also happen to teach.

Games on our platform usually consist of 10-15 minutes of gameplay to teach a specific academic topic, and developers have complete creative freedom (really!) in how that topic is taught.
The longer your game stays on the platform, the more you will earn. Some devs have multiple games on the platform, so their total earnings can be much higher. Just last year, we distributed $1 million dollars to game developers.

You also retain game IP and can reuse existing assets from your previously made games, provided that it makes sense in the context of an educational game for kids. Forget about dealing with marketing and focus completely on game development!

Whether you are an independent developer or part of a 100-person studio, we want to work with you. Unlike other platforms where only a few lucky studios strike gold in a ""winner take all"" marketplace, Legend's innovative model provides significant and growing payouts to the MEDIAN developer, with great payouts for top developers.

Does building games that matter sound interesting to you? Visit Legends of Learning Game Dev – Be Part of the Revolution and sign up!
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Re: Game Developers Needed to Create Fun Educational Games!

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Hi Adrian, it's good to know Legends of Learning. I thought about doing something like this in the past but I don't have bravery like you. That will help many teachers and students. I wish you a big success.
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