Space Traveler - A game where you explore space

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Space Traveler - A game where you explore space

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I created a game for Android that allows you to enter the world of space missions and exploring the universe. It is now available in the play store but I'm still working on it. Would you like to try playing and give your opinion? ... cetraveler

In this game you have to collect resources that will allow you to perform space missions. By improving the extraction of resources on the planet you are able to learn a lot about their origin, how they are extracted and processed. Later, you use them to carry out historically and historically exciting space missions, through which you explore space, gathering information about it. As you play, more and more tidbits of information are revealed, deepening your feelings about the scale of how big and how much more the universe hides in front of you.
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Re: Space Traveler - A game where you explore space

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Hello Woodiest,

The concept of your game is really very good, its appreciable.
But I gave not downloaded and played the game, before I do that can you please share a trailer video of the game?
It will easy to know about the game before any download and install it.
Else its just fantastic.
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