How Do You Source Game Assets?

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How Do You Source Game Assets?

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Hey everyone!
Just popping in to ask for some advice from the community. I’m a newbie in game development and I’m curious about how you all go about getting your game assets. I’ve been messing around with Luma and Meshy for making 3D models, and they’ve been surprisingly not bad. But I’m kinda torn on whether diving into AI tools would make things easier or more of a headache. If I want to quickly build my small game, what tools do you all recommend?
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Re: How Do You Source Game Assets?

Post by 100goats » and have various free game assets.

For 3d models, there are sites such as .

I am not familiar with many AI tools for game assets, but I can recommend PlayGround AI for making concept art quickly or background images.

For quickly building a small game, using a game engine is more effective than using game assets.
Godot or Unity is fast for making 3d games.
RPG Maker for making an rpg.
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